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Schady, N. Behrman, J. Araujo, MC. Azuero, R. et. al. Wealth Gradients in Early Childhood Cognitive Development in Five Latin American. Journal of Human Resources . 2015, 50(2):446-463.

Work in progress

Evaluating Early Childhood Policies: An Estimable Model of Family Child Investments. R&R. Quantitative Economics.[draft] [slides] [Online Appendix]

The Effects of Student Loans on the Provision and Demand for Higher Education. With David Zarruk. 2018. [draft] [slides]

Small Business Tax Regimes, Informality and Productivity: Evidence from the 2017 Tax Reform in Peru. 2019. With Alejandro Lagomarsino (Harvard University). Draft available upon request.

Optimal Taxation and Informality. 2019. With Daniel Wills (Universidad de los Andes) and Juan Hernandez (Inter-American Development Bank). Draft available upon request.

Wealth and the construction of Non-Cognitive Skills: The case of Colombia. Documento CEDE 27, Universidad de los Andes. [draft]